1.-7. Preface Acta 2009
8. Report of the calling church council
9. Report of Deputies for Correspondence of Agenda
10.1 Report Programming - Commissions
10.2 Point of description - Randvaal - contentious matters
11.1 Report Deputies General Synod Programming
11.2 Report Deputies General Synod Procedure Appeals
11.3 Report Deputies General Synod - Language
12.1 ReporT of the Commission Pre-Advice on the receptivity of Appeals and Petitions of Protest
12.1.1 Appeal L Kruger
12.1.2 Appeal 1 br HG Kruger
12.1.3 Appeal Klassis Etosha Eng
12.1.4 Appeal 2 - HG Kruger - Orania
13.1 Report Bible Deputies
13.2 Study report Petition of Protest 2006 GL Erasmus re AV83
14.1 Report SDDS
15.1 Report Deputies for Ecumenicity and Government
15.2 Report Deputies Ecumenicity - National
15.3 Report Deputies Ecumenicity - International
15.4 Petition of Protest GK Orania Human rights
15.5 Petition of Protest - GK Pretoria
15.6 Petition of Protest - Regional Synod Bosveld - SACC
15.7 Point of Petition GK Oos-Moot SACC
15.8 Point of Description Southern Regional Synod about SARC
16.1 Report Deputies Retirement Provision CO art 13 and 20
16.2 Report Ministers Pension Fund
16.3 Report Deputies Provident Fund
16.4 Report Deputies Retirement Provision - Medical matters
17.1 Report Sustentation
17.2 Report Admin Buro
18.1 Report Deputies Christian Education
18.2 Report Deputies for Catechism
18.3 Report Deputies Youth Care
18.4 Point of Description Regional Synod North West - Christian Education on general and regional synods
18.5 Point of Description Regional Synod North West - about school curriculums - final
19.1 Report historical matters
20.1 Report Deputies Church Order, article 66
20.2 Report Principles and Guidelines for days of humiliation
20.3 Report Church Order, article 48
20.4 Report Deputies for legal matters
20.5 Petition of Protest GK Potchefstroom Amendment CO art 31
20.6 Petition of Protest GK Parys
20.7 Petition of Protest GK Pretoria against decision of Synod 2006 on structures of majority assemblies
20.8 Objection br br AJ Burger against decisions - Deacon Formula and CO 25 Rev 2
20.9 Point of Description Synod Bosveld to take steps to normalise the relationship with Synod Soutpansberg
20.10 Point of Description Regional Synod North West regarding name changes of the GKSA to Gereformeerde Kerke in Suider Afrika
20.11 Report Study Deputies - Scope of the concept recommendation
20.12 Report Study Deputies - Receptivity of Petitions of Protest
21.1 Report Deputies Doctrinal Matters
21.2 Alternative Holy Communinion
21.3 Minority for celebration holy communion
21.4 Report Deputies Doctrinal Matters - Report Study Group - Office of Elder
21.5 Report - Revised translation of liturgical Formularies HGMod
21.6 Report Addition to Formulary for Administration of Baptism
21.7 Report - Revised translations of formulary prayers
21.8 Report Deputies Translation of Signing Formularies
21.9 Report Open Declaration
21.10 Report Study deputies women in office of deacon
21.11 Petition of protest - JL Kruger
21.12 Petition of protest JF Kruger
21.13 Petition of protest Classis Krugersdorp - Continue
21.13 Petition of protest Classis Krugersdorp
21.14 Petition of Protest GK Brits-Wes against a decision of Synod 2006 on women in the offices
21.15 Petition of Protest PE van der Dussen against BC, art 36
21.16 Petition of Protest Regional Synod Randvaal against the decision of Synod 2003
22.1 Report of the Deputies Liturgical Matters
22.2 Report Totius Evaluation
22.3 Report Scripturally and Confessionally Reliable Hymn
22.4 Report Study Deputies for protest 2001-versification
22.5 Petition of Protest _1_ br N van der Dussen against a decision of Synod 2003
22.6 Petition of Protest _2_ N van der Dussen against a decision of Synod 2003
22.7 Report of the Deputies Unanimity on the whole matter of the versification of Psalms
22.8 Point of Description of Regional Synod Bosveld about practice of singing Zion Hymns during worship services
22.9 Point of Description of Regional Synod Free State and KwaZulu Natal regarding songs of Sion and Church Order article 69
23.1 Report Deputies Church Magazine
23.2 Report Almanak
23.3 CJBF Church Order Evangelical Media - final
23.4 Report Deputies Internet
23.5 Report Deputies for Radio and TV
23.6 Report Deputies for publication of the Acts of the Synod
23.7 Point of Description Regional Synod Free State and KwaZulu Natal on the omission of the names of Elders and Deacons
24.1 Report Theological Seminary
24.2-24.4 Petition of Protest 1-3 - NP Kruger against decisions of Synods 2000, 2003 and 2006
24.5 Petition of Protest - GK Wonderboompoort regarding a decision of the curators of the TSP
24.6 Point of Description Regional Synod Pretoria - Vision of Gratitude
25.1 Petition of Protest Regional Synod Boshveld regarding the decrease in deputy groups
25.2 Petition of Protest Delegation Reg Synod Bosveld
26-28 Report Appointment of Deputies and conclusion of Synod


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